BioVis - Biological Visualization


Biological Visualization - Microscopy, Flow Cytometery, Electron Microscopy and Image Analysis


Joint Cell Sorting Seminar

3rd OCT 2017 | 9:00‐11:00 | Uppsala University

Room: Jan Waldenström, C11 entrance floor, Rudbeck lab

BioVis and BD Biosciences have the pleasure to invite you to a free morning seminar that takes your cell sorting experiments to the next level. Morgan Blaylock, High End Instrument Support Specialist, will teach sorting optimization, gating strategies and the novel features of new BD cell sorter and Biosafety cabinet.

For agenda and more info, please click on the Event poster

Cellvizio in vivo Confocal endomicroscopy

Seeing is believing.

We cordially invite you to the presentation of “Cellvizio in vivo Confocal endomicroscopy” by Gilles Cestelli, Sales manager for Mauna Kea Technologies. Please finde more information below, including links to a Videos.

The Presentation /Lecture will be held at Rudbeck Lab, Rudbeck Hall, October 11, 13:30-15:00.

T-Cell imaging in an IBD mouse model

Axon Terminals and Muscle

Cellvizio Dual Band for Angiogenesis

Biovis is moving

Information concerning Move of BioVis

We will inform you here about any delays and success. See specific dates in the Update paragraph.

In General

BioVis will move its instrument and computers to Rudbeck Lab (RBL), C11, 2nd Floor until end of September.

Not affected by the move is the LSM710 NLO 

Your cards are activated for not all doors at Rudbeck but the ones needed to enter BioVis. MAKE SURE you know the code of the card you have, as this code is needed to enter the main entrance of Rudbeck Lab after 5 pm and on weekends. You can ask Dirk Pacholsky and Matyas Molnar for codes (see here

You will find us by entering RBL via the main entrance. You will be guided by way signs to the second floor, where there is the main entrance for BioVis. The reception can help you also.

On the second floor are our offices, image data analysis, data share computer (for microscopy) and the microscopes. On the third floor you will find the Flow Cytometry node, accessable by stairs and elevator.



  • Signs are set up at RBL to guide your way.
  • Flow Cytometry equipment moved. All instruments ready (but not Melody). Introduction will be scheduled soon for end mid/end of September. Separate information will be following between September 4 -7.
  • Microscopy equipment will be moved during September. AxioImager (Link as above) is already installed (signs will guide you). The Lightsheet is still under installation and will be upgraded for optically cleared samples. he LSM700 will be moved Monday September 04.
  • You are welcome to book instruments.
  • NOTE: the rooms are still missing pressurized airs. Sorters are used with compressors. We are planning to have a compressor ready for the microscopes and their air dampened tables.

Biological Visualisation

The BioVis platform provides you with a unique combination of technology and know-how for visualization of biological samples at the tissue, cell and subcellular level. We specialise in microscopy, electron microscopy, flow cytometry and image analysis. We can offer state of the art electron- confocal and light microscopy, as well as analytical and imaging flow cytometry and cell sorting.

The Medical and Pharmaceutical faculty at Uppsala University supports BioVis financially, thus the user fees can be kept low. The platform is available for all universities, governmental agencies and private companies. With proper training, provided by us, you can get almost complete access to the equipment at BioVis.